> Useful Code

You will find useful and practical code snippets here. By this I mean pieces of syntax, computer programming code, I feel is valuable to know and to have at your finger tips. I am not a master of any computer language, however, I do keep bits and pieces of code, sitting around in files on my computer somewhere. I like to access these bits of code when starting a new project or use for an existing project. The code you will find here is a collection based on many years, sometimes very persistent, trial and error testing. Yes, I have read manuals, but as you may be aware, sometimes some things don't quite work out according to the manual. The code here works for me, in the context they were taken from, so they may not work quite right for you. I trust you can make the changes on your own to get them to work in your situation. I trust the code here will be helpful to others. I am glad I can be of assistance.

I have code for several broad categories of languages. Here is how I have classified my snippets:

1. Statistical languages SPSS (PSPP) and SAS
2. Web & Scripting languages including HTML, XML, Python, Javascript and PHP
3. Programming language Delphi's Object Pascal
4. SQL for open source databases PostGreSQL and MySQL

For now I am providing code I use frequently, particularly when starting up a project. In the future, I will be providing a place to access code for specific projects in a more private setting. Here is code based on past projects, but modified to be "generic" so there is no reference to the origin of the project.

Thanks for dropping by and I trust these bits and pieces of code are helpful.

Ron Templeman

Note: If you don't see any code here as of yet, I may be busy with clients working on other projects at the moment.
Thanks for your patience.

We are getting closer to organizing some code here. We will see how it goes.